The greatest vampire story ever told

Open Book presents an immersive, site-specific production that remains true to Stoker’s terrifying masterpiece.

Dracula took place in October 2014.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Curiouser and Curiouser…

In May and June 2014, Open Book Theatre Company brought the magic and madness of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel to life in local libraries, in a fully interactive promenade performance. Audiences in Wandsworth, Greenwich, Westminster, Merton and Tower Hamlets experienced the Mad Hatter’s tea party first-hand, played croquet with the Queen of Hearts, danced with Lobsters and ran in the caucus race.

“The Promenade nature of the performance really took the audience along with the show, literally and figuratively. The adaption stayed true to the feel and text of the original story and was exuberant and fun. Every child in the audience who wanted to participate got a chance to do so which was lovely.” Heather Shepherd, Children’s librarian, Tooting Library.

“I thought the production of Alice was superbly creative. I was really impressed by how much the audience were brought into the performance and how all participants, from a 5 year old to the Mums and Dads all got involved and were engaged. The re-telling of such a complicated story in a short space of time was wonderful and the visual effects (such as Alice growing and shrinking and the frog puppet) were brilliant. I can’t recommend it enough, I’ve seen a lot of different children’s events/entertainments but this production by the Open Book theatre was really high quality and expertly thought out.” Kelly Millership, Children’s Librarian, Roehampton Library.

“Parents and children said that this was the first time they had seen a play and that they would love to see plays either in a theatre or in the Library again. We are asked by parents who came or by those that heard afterwards “when will you be doing something similiar” and that shows what a positive impact Open Book Theatre had on their visit to Idea Store Watney Market and the local community as a whole.” Neal Smith, Team leader, Idea Store Watney Market.

Our audience feedback was phenomenal and we managed to grab some on video: